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bio1My name is Inoka, I am a self taught amateur photographer. I have a great passion for photography. I love capturing joyful moments of life, events, or beautiful sceneries. I spend hours learning from tutorials, trying to become a better photographer.

Here you can follow me through my photography journey. I started a Project 365 this year, which consist of documenting your life by taking a picture everyday. This will force me to pic up my camera everyday and take photos. Hopefully I will complete this project and stay inspired. This will help me practice and learn new skills.

What Inspires Me

I find my inspiration everywhere. I am a big fan of retro designs, and typography. I love surfing the web to see what is trendy, and what is done currently. I spend days trying out news styles, learning new techniques, trying to improve my skills.

This is what I like about photography, the possibilities are endless. Being an amateur I still have a lot to learn and I am so grateful for the internet and its endless ressources that help me each day. There are always new ideas to develop, always new techniques to learn.

What I like to do

One of my other hobbies is nailart designs. I am still new to this art, but enjoy learning new creative ways to spice up my nails. I usually post my nailart on my instagram.

And I am a huge fan of live music and tv series too.

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