Project 365 | December 2015

Dernier mois du challenge 365, voici donc les photos pris ce mois-ci. December 335/365 : Hello December! And {winter} I’m ready for ya! 336/365 : Love receiving packages in the {mail}! 337/365 : Birthday gift/early christmas present for myself! Hello full frame! 338/365 : Sunset love. Have a nice weekend everyone 339/365 : Played with some christmas {lights} today. 340/365[...]
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Project 365 | February 2015

Second month complete! Still going strong. Still did not want to quit. It is quite challenging to snap in the winter months I feel. Night fall pretty fast here in Paris, so I either need to take my daily pic in the mornings or I need to be creative with artificial lights. I prefer shooting in[...]
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Project 365 | January 2015

And the first month done! It was pretty easy so far, but it is only the beginning. I  do not regret starting this project 3655 and have been enjoying it. Hopefully I will be able to stick with this project until the end. It is really fun going through my everyday and seeing what I have[...]
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