Project 365 | April 2015

A lot has happened in April. It was very rough on a emotional level. Never easy to lose someone. It is even harder when it is to suicide. But there were good times as well. And I think it is important to focus on the positive things in life. It gives hope. And while looking back at the pictures I have taken so far, I feel quite proud of myself, for sticking around and not quitting. And I have a memory of every single day that I can look back on. Each and every day, I am glad I started this challenge. Enough of the chit chat, here are my pictures for this month for my Project 365.

  • 091/365 : Hello April, ’tis the {season} to hang out more outside yeah!! So windy around here these days that I decided to make a paper windmill.
  • 092/365 : Say hello to my pinguin friend who’s been hanging out {next to me} while I work, and feeding me with sweets.
  • 093/365 : {My morning} tea.
  • 094/365 : How cute are these {pastel} candle holders?
  • 095/365 : Happy Easter Sunday everyone!
  • 096/365 : {Monday} afternoon garden hangs are the best!
  • 097/365 : There is something about sunsets that make me want to drop everything i do and stare at it. I find it very peaceful.
  • 098/365 : Lost a friend today. To suicide. We were not super close friends, but we still were friends. We sure had some good laughs with our little group of friends. It saddens me that I never realized that underneath all that humour and goofball attitude, there was so much pain and suffering, and no one saw it. I am glad that the last memory of him I have is fun one. I hope he found peace. To anyone who is feeling lost, misunderstood, not loved, you are not alone. Whatever the pain you are going through, never shut yourself out. Talk to someone. Anyone. Don’t let the pain eat you up. Be strong, it gets better. There is someone in the world that loves you.
  • 099/365 : Seeing beauty around me such as this beautiful blue sky and these {yellow} flowers helps to cope with yesterday’s sad news.
  • 100/365 : Working with music in my ears is the best way to work and stay focused. {What I’m listening to} these days are the latest albums of The Script and Maroon 5. So obsessed!!
  • 101/365 : This is {my view today}, preparing my gear for an event tomorrow.
  • 102/365 : Sri Lanka came to Paris today as we celebrated the Sinhalese & Tamil New Year at the temple today. My uncle recreated a typical local shop for the occasion. It was a hit!
  • 103 /365 : I remember reading this as a kid but I have no memory of the stories. So i decided to reread this {classic} tale about a Mississippi boy.
  • 104/365 : Happy Sinhalese and Tamil New Year 2015 from our family to yours.
  • 105/365 : Gotta love a camera necklace. This is one of my favorite {piece of jewelry}
  • 106/365 : I had fun today wondering around the streets near Notre-Dame with a dear friend.
  • 107/365 : {I found these} wild yellow flowers in our garden.
  • 108/365 : So many {emotions} today. Sadness, anger, joy. It was a hard day. Even though I do not comprehend what you did, I hope you rest in peace my friend
  • 109/365 : Hanging with the sis in the garden, enjoying some {fresh} air.
  • 110/365 : Wonderful weather today. The cherry tree looks beautiful.
  • 111/365 : {A product I love} : literally obsessed with this cuticle cream.
  • 112/365 : Had a fun day with friends wondering around the beautiful streets of Paris today. This is St Paul’s church
  • 113/365 : Love the fact that with new {technology} you can work out from the comfort of your home without paying way too much at a gym club.
  • 114/365 : Elegant and {delicate} is how I would describe this perfume bottle. So in love with its fragrance as well.
  • 115/365 : Just plain old {me}. Had fun playing with a tripod today.
  • 116/365 : Rainy day means staying warmly inside and hanging out with family. Hope you all had a lovely sunday!
  • 117/365 : Love these pretty hanging flowers from my uncle’s garden. It’s prettier in person, but kinda failed to get a good shot of them…
  • 118/365 : Lots of {movement} around here…so windy
  • 119/365 : Follow the {arrow} and put it through the hole. Playing some carrom with the family
  • 120/365 : {Starts with a T} : Travel essentials for my weekend Trip. Guess where I’m going for like the 3rd time this year ?

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