Project 365 | June 2015

June is done. I am officially half way through this challenge. I never thought I would last this long. Having the prompts from The Bethadilly Challenge really helps most of the time when I run out of ideas. It helps me keep myself inspired. Plus following other fellow photographers who are taking the same challenge is very inspiring as well. This is probably another reason that keeps me going. The support from this community is incredible. There are many talented photographers doing this challenge.

  • 152/365 : ‘Tis the {season} for roses to blossom
  • 153/365 : {What I’m looking at} : Caught this little cherry thief in action today!
  • 154/365 : A little gradient to celebrate the return of the warm weather!
  • 155/365 : Yeah my photo book came from the printers! All the pics in it {mean a lot to me}. So fun going back through last year’s memories.
  • 156/365 : Summer is coming!!! Time for shorts and {knots} in my tees. Sadly, it was too hot to hang out in the garden today…
  • 157/365 : Spent the entire day outside in the garden, reading and hanging out with family. Warm weather for the win!
  • 158/365 : {Simple} pleasures like playing badminton and hanging out with the family makes me happy.
  • 159/365 : {Then & now} No matter how modernized our underground has become, we still have these old metro signs scattered around the city. Love it!
  • 160/365 : Cherry anyone?
  • 161/365 : {Starts with a g} : Geek. Love this mug.
  • 162/365 : {Happiness} is having a bit of time to relax and hung out with friends & family after an intense week of editing.
  • 163/365 : Cookies & lemonade, feels like {summer} over here.
  • 164/365 : Had a lovely time walking around the Jardin des Tuileries today.
  • 165/365 : Lazy sunday afternoons makes me happy.
  • 166/365 : Didn’t do anything {special} on this monday, just a bit of shopping with my cousin
  • 167/365 : Cherries from our garden tree!emoji Need to make a {habit} of eating more fresh fruits
  • 168/365 : New shoes to {explore} the world!
  • 169/365 : Crappy photo quality (taken from my phone) but amazing performance by the Flamin’ Groovies tonight. Rock on! emoji I think the music I listen too {represents me} pretty good
  • 170/365 : Walked through this weird looking bridge thingy on our way back from seeing Jurassic World
  • 171/365 : BBQ time with friends and family
  • 172/365 : Hello summer!! I’ve missed ya!
  • 173/365 : I thought summer started yesterday…
  • 174/365 :Workout time, doing Nike Training Club. Last workout with my cousin before she abandons me and goes back to Sri Lanka. I’m gonna miss my workout buddy!
  • 175/365 : Ice cream time is my {favorite time of day}!
  • 176/365 : {Nature} and its beauty.
  • 177/365 : Crazy {sky} today over here.
  • 178/365 : Well {hello} new polishes I got from the summer sales. Fits my mood and the weather perfectly! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
  • 179/365 : Helped my mom decorate a cake for the 1st birthday of twin boys. The giraffes were made by {me}!
  • 180/365 : Spent the afternoon reading The Miniaturist. Half way through, really loving it
  • 181/365 : The cat from {down the street} love to hang out in our garden

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