Project 365 | May 2015

May was a busy month. There were a few trips to London, a trip to the East of France. Lots of great memories were captured. The weather is getting warmer so there are more and more outdoor photography. I got to spend time with many friends I have not seen for a while, which is always a good thing. I really enjoyed snapping away this month. We are almost have way through and I still did not have the urge to quit or encountered any struggles. Here are my monthly photos for my Project 365.

  • 121/365 : Hello May! Had a nice walk around the Camden docks on Friday.
  • 122/365 : On saturday, we went to see good ol’ Ben by the river Thames.
  • 123/365 : We got lucky and had great weather all weekend! Wouhou!!
  • 124/365 : Home {sweet} home.
  • 125/365 : Obsessed with these {little} sweets. Total Nerds fan here!
  • 126/365 : I initially planned on doing all {five} of them with this nailart but then it would have taken me the whole afternoon so stopped after two.
  • 127/365 : Best afternoon treat in the universe aka fish cutlets. Probably not the healthiest but definitely the tastiest.
  • 128/365 : {Thank gosh it’s friday}, let the weekend begin! Have a nice weekend everyone!
  • 129/365 : Had a fun walk around Metz yesterday with my friends. Love this {colorful} scenery.
  • 130/365 : First BBQ of the year {makes me happy} wouhouuu! Had a lovely time in Metz this weekend.
  • 131/365 : Bedroom view from this weekend. Beautiful {horizon}
  • 132/365 : ‘Tis the season of dandelions. This is as macro as I can get with my lense lol!
  • 133/365 : The grass is growing like crazy around here…
  • 134/365 : Homemade marmelade made by my amazing mom. Smells divine and taste delicious
  • 135/365 : {9.00 am} wake up call. Thanks for a good cup of tea to keep me awake. Not a morning person at all!
  • 136/365 : This is {how I relax} on a very busy day : dip my toes for a few minutes in the grass
  • 137/365 : At a friend’s place. Hung out in the garden all day. Had so much fun and too much food!
  • 138/365 : Ahhh mondays…And yes, I had to wrap a curtain around me to get better lighting in this rainy weather!
  • 139/365 : I completely forgot I had this cute little {mirror}. Found it while cleaning my bag today. Fits today’s prompt perfectly!
  • 140/365 : So I was packing for yet another London trip (yes again!), and it seems I may or may not have an addiction to {stripes}! Oops!
  • 141/365 : And I’m back…
  • 142/365 : Saw the Mad Hatter and his friend in Camden. Love the craziness and {energy} of this area in London.
  • I143/365 : Did some shopping in Picadilly on Saturday
  • 144/365 : Lunch at Nando’s with the sis & the cousin. Me & chicken {together} again haha!
  • 145/365 : Got totally hooked to a game on the tablet and I have literally been playing it all day. *sigh*
  • 146/365 : New {black & white} bag I got this weekend. Absolutely love it!
  • 147/365 : Beautiful little {flowers} from the garden.
  • 148/365 : New shot {glasses} to add to my collection. My sis got me the Ireland ones from her recent trip there. Thx sis!
  • 149/365 : It was fun catching up with friends. Hung out near the Pantheon.
  • 150/365 : Srilankan food for {lunch} at the temple
  • 151/365 : Our fruit {basket} is always full of fresh fruits.

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