Project 365 | August 2015

August went by so fast! And summer holidays are almost over.

  • 213/365 : Needed a new bookshelf, so went to see our swedish friend. Not a {lazy} day for me today.
  • 214/365 : Hot summer day calls for a freshly squeezed watermelon lemonade.
  • 215/365 : I will never get tired of snapping sunsets.
  • 216/365 : « In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous » – Aristotle
  • 217/365 : I’m so glad I started this challenge. I have learned so much since I started. I have been in some kind of a rut lately but seeing other people’s daily posts kept me going and help me stay somewhat inspired. I am determined to finish this challenge!! Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting me in this photography journey!
  • 218/365 : Currently reading. So far it is quite funny and enjoyable.
  • 219/365 : {My everyday} these past few weeks : being a tour guide to my relatives who are here for a holiday.
  • 220/365 : One of my favorite spots at the Versailles Palace. Such a cute and peaceful area. Totally wish that was my {home} ha!
  • 221/365 : Summer BBQs are the best way to spend a Sunday.
  • 222/365 : « Nature is so {powerful}, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy – your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself. » – Annie Leibovitz
  • 223/365 : Time for some filing. It may be super annoying to do but it really helps finding stuff later on. Stay organized!
  • 224/365 : May not look perfect but was a very tasty treat!
  • 225/365 : Srilankan Deliciousness.
  • 226/365 : Rainy day water puddle fun!
  • 227/365 : Coloring was my favorite thing to do when I was a kid. So I finally got some adult coloring books haha! So fun!
  • 228/365 : Sunday night dinner.
  • 229/365 : Vacation in less than 10 days! Woot! Woot!
  • 230/365 : Went to visit Taittinger Champagne cellars today in Reims. Very interesting and tasty.
  • 231/365 : The beautiful Opera Garnier.
  • 232/365 : I feel like i’m about to catch a cold. Been drinking lots of tea and honey. I don’t want to be sick a week before my vacation!!
  • 233/365 : My {guilty pleasure} for the past year. Totally obsessed with this show
  • 234/365 : Fun weekend in the East of France for a friend’s birthday. Nice view.
  • 235/365 : Happy Birthday to one of the coolest 13 yr old I know! He’s a rubiks cube pro and can do it under a minute. So my mom made him a rubiks cube cake haha!
  • 236/365 : {What I’m doing today} : Editing photos from this weekend.
  • 237/365 : Lighting bolt nails today
  • 238/365 : Kicking off the holidays with a Simple Plan show in Amsterdam. Photo taken during the soundcheck.
  • 239/365 : Exploring Amsterdam. Such a beautiful city
  • 240/365 : Totally in love with the not so straight houses in Amsterdam.
  • 241/365 : Too many Dutch tulips bulbs to choose from. These tulips are actually fake decorative ones as it isn’t the season for tulips. But still pretty.
  • 242/365 : Manneken pis all dressed up for a celebration. 2nd stop of our little summer tour.
  • 243/365 : Last stop Luxembourg. Beautiful day with a beautiful view.

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