Project 365 | March 2015

And 3 months down! March was a pretty busy month for me as you can see. There were a few shows and a fun trip to London to visit my sis. So there were good opportunities to snap away and get my creative juices flowing. We even got a few warmer days where I could spend some time in the garden, which is quite amazing.

  • 060/365 : Hello March! I thought I would give up after a month but here I am still snapping everyday. This project 365 is taking my {passion} to a whole other level! Hopefully I’ll keep going…
  • 061/365 : Crazy weather today. One second it’s raining like hell, the other it’s sunny.
  • 062/365 : It was sunny today so I dusted my ukulele and played a bit. Can it be summer already???
  • 063/365 : The season is definitely changing. Spring is on its way!
  • 064/365 : Where am I possibly going…
  • 065/365 : Had fun hanging out around London with my sis and some friends
  • 067/365 : Enjoying my {time} in London.
  • 067/365 : Enjoying my {time} in London
  • 068/365 : Went to meet the queen today^^
  • 069/365 : It was fun London. See you soon! – Kensington Gardens
  • 070/365 : Allergies prevent me from having any real {animal} around. But this guy’s been around for years. I love his little aussie tshirt, a gift from the coolest aussie ever, my friend Kim
  • 071/365 : It’s getting warmer here and I love it!
  • 072/365 : {Starts with a W} : I have {W}onderful friends who sent me a beautiful photo album filled with so much memories.
  • 073/365 : All Time Low was amazing tonight! So much fun!
  • 074/365 : Love me some {window} sill greenary.
  • 075/365 : {What I did today} Started the week with Lights & Sounds from an awesome band called Yellowcard.
  • 076/365 : Enjoyed reading for a bit in the garden today.
  • 077/365 : Work hard, play harder ?! Right?
  • 078/365 : Homemade brioche is what you can find {in my kitchen}. Made by my amazing mom!
  • 079/365 : Spring has officially sprung, although it is not as warm as it should be.
  • 080/365 : I got a new toy to play with!
  • 081/365 : {Sunday morning} is for sleeping in and staring at the sky.
  • 082/365 : From Paris with love. A bit blurry but still a beautiful view.
  • 083/365 : Just a shadow {on the floor}
  • 081/365 : {Sunday morning} is for sleeping in and staring at the sky.
  • 085/365 : I have a crazy {addiction} with nail polish, especially with blue/teal shades.
  • 086/365 : Enjoying some {salty} popcorn. Have a nice weekend everyone!
  • 087/365 : I am kinda {proud of} myself for still going on with this project 365. I never thought I’ll make it this far. I usually start stuff and abandon them a few days later. I have learned so much this past few months and I have been inspired by so many wonderful people. Thank you so much for all your support. It really helps me to stay motivated and keep on going.
  • 088/365 : Keep your {feet} on the ground, when your heads in the clouds
  • 089/365 : I am one of those people who {still} like to buy and listen to CDs. These are some of favorites
  • 090/365 : I was doing some scrapbooking today, and thought about giving my own version of the {square} icon we all love around here.

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