Project 365 | December 2015

Dernier mois du challenge 365, voici donc les photos pris ce mois-ci.

  • 335/365 - Hello December! And {winter} I’m ready for ya!
  • 336/365 : Love receiving packages in the {mail}!
  • 337/365 : Birthday gift/early christmas present for myself! Hello full frame!
  • 338/365 : Sunset love. Have a nice weekend everyone
  • 339/365 : Played with some christmas {lights} today.
  • 340/365 : Sunday activity : made some stars to decorate the mantel
  • 341/365 : It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas around here.
  • 342/365 : Enjoying a good cup of peppermint tea as a {holiday treat}
  • 343/365 : A few watercolor paintings on a {white} wall. These aren’t the best paintings but I really enjoyed playing with watercolors. So fun!
  • 344/365 : Did some {gift} wrapping this afternoon
  • 345/365 : Packing for a weekend trip always {brings me joy}
  • 346/365 : Saturday night raclette party! Good food, good friends, fun times.
  • 347/365 : Had a fun weekend in the East of France. Spending time with friends, walking around the Christmas market.
  • 348/365 : Snow is definitely on my {wishlist}. But I doubt we’ll get any for christmas this year…
  • 349/365 : At {home} editing pics from this weekend.
  • 350/365 : Everywhere I go I see Star Wars stuff! Found some stormtroopers in a window display.
  • 351/365 : Detangling these is maybe the most annoying part of decorating…
  • 352/365 : Obligatory Christmas bokeh shot.
  • 353/365 : Feeling {festive}. Love this little snowman.
  • 354/365 : Oh Christmas tree, my Christmas tree, lit up like a star
  • 355/365 : Watching Christmas movies with the family is a {fun activity} to do this time of year.
  • 356/365 : Santa Claus is coming to town
  • 357/365 : Walked around town with friends today.
  • 358/365 : All set for Christmas Eve dinner with the family. Merry Christmas everyone!
  • 359/365 : Christmas day tradition : playing cards with the whole {family}. Merry Christmas from our family to yours. Spending time with your loved ones is the best present of all
  • 360/365 : Afternoon activity with the sis : coloring while listening to disney songs. Reliving our childhood ! Thanks sis for the coloring book!
  • 361/365 : It sure doesn’t feel like winter around here. Pretty warm for December in Paris. And on another note, I cannot believe I am about to complete my 365 project. It was hard, but when I look back at all the photos I am glad I did it. I have grown and learned so much about photography. I think I might do it again next year…
  • 362/365 : All {cozy} and warm in my new christmas sweater.
  • 363/365 : At the happiest place of earth with the cousins. So much fun!
  • 364/365 : Pamper afternoon with the sis. Warm tea and masks
  • 365/365 : Celebrating the end of the year and the completion of my first Project 365!!! Wouhouu!!! Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and supported me. It was tough but totally worth it!

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