Project 365 | September 2015

September is already over! How crazy! There is only 3 months left in this project. This month was a very busy month work wise so there were a few days where I didn’t have much time to shoot. But I really challenged me to not think too much and just snap my daily photo. It was a good exercice. It’s starting to get a bit tricky with the days getting shorter, there is less light. I need to shoot more early in the day. I’m looking forward for the next few months as Fall is full on its way!

  • 244/365 : A few souvenirs from my trip.
  • 245/365 : Got my eyes checked. No decrease in my eyesight woohoo!
  • 246/365 : Amazing Simple Plan show in Paris. No matter how many times I see them live, I still enjoy every single show!
  • 247/365 : Change leads to {new beginnings}. End of vacation. Hopefully I’ll be back on track with my posting soon
  • 248/365 : I love how you can travel anywhere when you {open} a book and start reading.
  • 249/365 : Daydreamer.
  • 250/365 : There are days like today I wish I was on a plane to somewhere warm and sunny.
  • 251/365 : This morning I didn’t want to get out of bed so I brought my work to my bed.
  • 252/365 : Yeah new polishes to play with! Thanks a lot Pshiiit Boutique for the super fast delivery!
  • 253/365 : Discreet and simple is how I like my jewelry to be.
  • 254/365 : {Remembering} my recent trip to Amsterdam while editing the pictures I took.
  • 255/365 : Yeah I got an original art from my friend @kawaiiklem. Love it! Thanks a lot klem! Go check her stuff, she draws cool things.
  • 256/365 : Listening to Disney music while working. Really helps me get pumped and motivated, especially on a rainy sunday afternoon…
  • 257/365 : We had a {variety} of different clouds today. The weather kept switching from rain to sunny literally every 10 minutes.
  • 258/365 : Had a bit of spare time in my busy day so {I did this} for a half an hour.
  • 259/365 : Finally had time today to {sit} and read about Jimi Hendrix
  • 260/365 : New home for all my polishes.
  • 261/365 : Procrastinating is probably what {I do best} haha! Otherwise learning new skills could be one as well. Here is an edit I did from a pic I took during my holidays. A chandelier seen from under.
  • 262/365 : Helped my mom with a cake order today. So in {love} with how it turned out!
  • 263/365 : Played with this guy after a really long time. Felt good but oh boy I was so rusty! Need to pic it up more often!
  • 264/365 : Fall is definitely here
  • 265/365 : Huge apples in our apple tree this year. Taste really good!
  • 266/365 : Had a fun day with a friend today. And then I come home to this gorgeous sunset. Life is good.
  • 267/365 : Dahlia.
  • 268/365 : Doodling while at a training course
  • 269/365 : Algerian treats. Given to us from a friend. They are yummy!!
  • 270/365 : Hung out near the Louvres with a friend, pretending to be tourists.^^ It was fun
  • 271/365 : Mondays aren’t so bad when you bake chocolate chip cookies. {Life lesson}
  • 272/365 : And we are slowly back to wearing sweaters and scarves.
  • 273/365 : On my nails today. I feel like I’m wearing nail sweaters!

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