Project 365 | Juillet 2015

July was a fun month to shoot. The weather is getting better, and the light is perfect. Getting to shoot a lot outdoors. Had family over so I got to show them around town. It gave me the opportunity to take pictures of famous parisian monuments like a tourist! haha! I had a lot of fun taking picture at Disneyland!

  • 182/365 : I wish there were a pool of water {beneath my feet} as it is way too hot over here!
  • 183/365 : Beautiful tower on a beautiful (slightly too hot) summer day!
  • 184/365 : Refreshments on the rocks to beat this heat wave.
  • 185/365 : These past few days I’ve been living in the dark and drinking lots of water, so naturally I had to play with shadows.
  • 186/365 : This is {my view today}. Spent my sunday editing a video.
  • 187/365 : Made a huge mess trying to fix the Internet but still not working *sigh*
  • 188/365 : Wearing {tiny} arrows on my ears today
  • 189/365 : Really enjoying smoothies as {a summer drink} lately. Yum!
  • 190/365 : {A few} new addition to my ever growing collection.
  • 191/365 : Cheese & crackers is one of my {favorite snacks} at the moment.
  • 192/365 : This camera has been {loyal} to me for the past 4 years
  • 193/365 : I found Groot in my garden!
  • 194/365 : I spy a few peaches in our peach tree. {Summer fun}
  • 195/356 : Happy Bastille Day folks! Fireworks are one my favorite things ever! This was my first attempt at capturing fireworks. The tips from the Click It Up A Notch article were really helpful! Love that website!
  • 196/365 : Got myself a camera insert. Now all my bags can become camera bags!
  • 197/365 : Can’t stop listening to the Beach Boys lately.
  • 198/365 : Went to get a haircut at the salon {around the corner} today. Slightly too short but it grows right?
  • 199/365 : Hang out with my best friends, went to see Antman. That was {my weekend} and I loved every minute of it.
  • 200/365 : Lazy sunday. – I can’t believe we are at the 200th day mark already. It’s going by so fast.
  • 201/365 : I think we all know that one of {my favorite pastime} is doing this.
  • 202/365 : {Rows} of bricks
  • 203/365 : {One word} chili. These ones are massive!
  • 204/365 : Love snapping pictures of nature. Even useless growing things !
  • 205/365 : Love that our train stations has all the modern stuff but still has some old structures as well like this building.
  • 206/365 : Morning in Paris, the city awakes To the bells of Notre Dame One of my favorite places in the city. So beautiful.
  • 207/365 : Went to the countryside today with the family
  • 208/365 : Perks of being a tour guide for my cousins who are visiting, I can snap pics of touristy stuff as well.
  • 209/365 : Even in the rain, we had loads of fun in the happiest place on Earth
  • 210/365 : Spent the afternoon editing pictured from yesterday. The new frozen singalong show at Disneyland was really fun and cute.
  • 211/365 : Patiently {waiting} for my train.
  • 212/365 : Blue moon

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